Awards Ceremony

Celebrating it's first year anniversary, Aware Fest is hosting it's first online film festival and award ceremony at Pasadena, California! Showcasing independent films from across the world - entrants from Korea, France, Brazil, and many more - Aware Fest invites you to join us for the momentous award ceremony, featuring guests of honor, and our honorary judges.

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Azure Lorica Aware Fest wants to bring mental health awareness to spread, and are looking for films to help build a better informed society. We accept themes in feminism, LGBTQ, and under represented lead roles (i.e. Asians, women, etc.). Screenings will be showcased online only, if permitted.
The rules are simple:
  • Pornography is prohibited
  • Short Films must be 40 minutes or less
  • Scripts and Feature Films may be any length
  • Submissions must be sent online only 


Aware Fest recognizes its Nominees and Winners with certificates of nomination and local screenings at Los Angeles libraries - promoting mental health awareness to the community, as a public service. We distribute the printed certificates at the Award Ceremony. Please subscribe to learn more about the Ceremony.

Winners of Aware Fest are given their respective title, and sponsored prizes online.